Advent Calendar Dec 21st 2016

Day number 21 of our Advent Calendar. We will be making a £100 donation towards the Halesworth Scouts fund for a new headquarters. 

The Existing Hall

The 1st Halesworth Scout Group has had a number of headquarters since it was formed in the nineteen twenties, For many years we have used our present building, once a Church Mission Room built about 1899 and once used as a Salvation Army Chapel. It is a typical ‘Tin Chapel’ of its day, and now not fit for purpose as an activity base for a Scout Group. In its favour is that the land is freehold and owned by the Group. The site is well placed in the town and has a reasonable amount of land around it, allowing outdoor activities. However it now costs a lot to insure, maintain and service; costs that will increase over the years.

The New HQ Plan.

The proposed Headquarters consists of a main hall with a lobby and store rooms at the front of the building and toilets and a large kitchen at the rear. Although the HQ is roughly the same footprint as the current one, the new hall will be wider as it encompasses the existing storage rooms. A store room will be set below the kitchen and the toilets, making use of the natural fall in the ground level. Access to the store will be at ground level.

The main hall will be the focus of the building. The hall will have a pent roof which will allow roof lights to be used, rather than conventional windows. The building will be well insulated both thermally and acoustically. Not having windows at ground level will help the insulation and security. The pent roof means that one wall will be higher than the other which will allow us to use the taller wall as a climbing wall. There will also be four small store rooms, one for each sections basic equipment and storage of projects in hand.

The design will incorporate good environmental building standards, such as energy efficient heating, a grey water system for the toilets and possibly solar powered water heating.

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