Advent Calendar Dec 14th 2016

Day 14 of our Advent Calendar. Lucky Ncube is a student in Zimbabwe that we have been supporting through his studies. Through the charity Phumuza – Share the Load we have followed and supported his progress at Lubuze Primary and Avoca Secondary schools. He is now a boarder at Deziki High School where he will take his A level exams. The club will pay for these exams and other costs totaling US$290. 

Advent Calendar Dec 13th 2016

This week Bungay High School will be holding their annual Presentation Evening. For the 13th Day of our Advent Calendar the Rotary Club of Southwold and District are once again proud to sponsor a £50 prize for Peer Mentoring. We wish all the students success in all they do and congratulate the prize winners.

Advent Calendar Dec 12th 2016

Today is the 12th day of our Advent Calendar and we will be making a donation of £50 to the charity Malaria No More. This is enough to buy mosquito 10 nets to help prevent the spread of this deadly disease. 

Did you know? Mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world. Far deadlier than the animals people tend to be scared of like sharks, snakes and lions – even deadlier than humans. Why? Because mosquitoes transmit diseases like dengue fever, Zika, yellow fever, encephalitis – and malaria, the deadliest of them all.

It’s the greatest killer disease in human history – but we can do something about it. We have the tools to fight it!

The culprits aren’t particularly ferocious or terrifying. In fact, you need a microscope to even see them. But tiny malaria parasites, transmitted through the bites of infected mosquitoes, are thought to have killed half the number of people that have ever lived. Pretty scary, isn’t it?

Malaria’s vice-like grip on the continent of Africa, where almost 90% of malaria deaths occur, makes it one of the greatest causes of poverty in the world. And yet, it costs just £1, less than the price of your morning coffee, to save the life of a child with malaria.

Advent Calendar Dec 11th 2016

It’s day 11 of our Advent Calendar. At the end of this year’s Latitude Festival at Henham Park we were able to collect all the unwanted sleeping bags left over from the campers. We were able to collect 140 sleeping bags and these will now be sent to Hope and Aid Direct and the Salvation Army. They will be used to bring a little comfort to the people of migration crisis who have nothing or the homeless of the UK.

Advent Calendar Dec 10th 2016

Day 10 of our Advent Calendar is a continuation of our work with “Lendwithcare“. So far this year we have made 31 loans totaling £570 and we will be making more loans before the end of the year. Since starting this project we have made 66 loans totaling £1095 helped 450 entrepreneurs (1802 family members) and created 122 jobs.

Lendwithcare is a revolutionary way to help some of the world’s poorest people work their way out of poverty with dignity. Lendwithcare allows you to lend as little as £15 to fund a small business and once your money is repaid you can choose to recycle your loan to support another poor entrepreneur, or withdraw your money. Lendwithcare is currently working in ten countries. 



Advent Calendar Dec 7th 2016

For the 7th day of our Advent Calendar we will be buying two goats for Darfur through the charity “Kids for Kids

KIDS FOR KIDS helps children the world has forgotten, children in Darfur, Sudan, who live lives of inexcusable and unimaginable hardship. We are providing an integrated package of sustainable projects which parents tell us will help them the most – projects suitable to the region which have both an immediate, and a long term impact. We are enabling families to stay together, in their own homes. In Darfur mothers are forced to rely on their eldest son to search for work across the world in order to send money home so his brothers and sisters will not die of starvation. Because in Darfur children are dying. Kids for Kids transforms the lives of individuals and whole communities.

kidsforkids1 download

Advent Calendar Dec 5th 2016

crocus-100134_960_720 purple4polio-logo-600x194 rotary-and-rhsIt’s the fifth day of our Advent Calendar. The club has purchased 500 crocus corms to support the work of the Rotary Foundation in its 100th year to help rid the world of polio. Some of the corms will be sold to raise money for vaccines and others will be planted to help spread the message and give a splash of purple in the spring.