Day 9

For day nine of our twelve days of Christmas we will be donating £100 to Malaria No More. This will buy 10 mosquito nets to help save lives from this deadly disease.

Malaria is one of oldest and deadliest diseases, devastating families, communities, and countries. Yet we have the tools to end malaria in a generation. This is why we are putting all our energy into making malaria no more”.

Increasing investments to end malaria will save millions more lives, mostly pregnant women and children in Africa. However, despite tremendous progress, malaria remains one of the top killers of children under five and is a major cause of poverty and inequity in Africa”.

  • In 2019, malaria claimed 409,000 lives and caused 229 million cases.1
  • Malaria accounts for half of missed days in African schools. Healthy children can go to school and learn more effectively, ultimately impacting their ability to earn a living.2
  • Keeping children healthy enables parents to go to work and reduce the need to spend their wages on malaria treatments and health care.
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