Tony Wiggins in Zimbabwe

Southwold and District member, Tony Wiggins is in Zimbabwe with Suku Bailey visiting some of the children sponsored  by Phumuza and some individual supporters at Vumangwe Salvation Army Primary School, Filabusi.

Suku has sent the following pictures  and explanations.

Pictures 1 and 2 is for the grandparent, parents and guardians and 20 children we support at Vumangwe Salvation Army Primary School. Out of these children, 8 are on private sponsorship and the rest are funded through Phumuza (general).

Picture 3 is the Salvation group.

Picture 4 Tony Wiggins. The visit prompted him to sponsor a second child shown in the picture. The child is double orphaned.


IMG_2617 IMG_2634 IMG_2668 IMG_2672

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