We will once again be supporting the education of a child in Zimbabwe through the charity Phumuza (Share the Load). The club has donated £100 to pay for Mbalenhle’s term fees and the equipment she will need.

Mbalenhle attends school at Vumangwe Primary School. This year
she is in Year 4 (Grade 4). She is a single orphan, and she lives with her
grandmother in the village. When her father died her mother took her to
South Africa to find employment. Mbalenhle’s mother found it difficult to
look after her daughter and decided to send Mbalenhle back to Zimbabwe
to live with her grandmother. Mbalenhle does not have a birth certificate
or a passport.
When she was 7 years old her mother posted her home to Zimbabwe, she
was smuggled without documents across the border from South Africa to
Zimbabwe by Cross border courier/transport operators known as
‘OMalayitsha’. This is a dangerous piece of human trafficking, and it is quite
possible that the resulting trauma will produce mental health issues later in her
life. Malayitsha is a Zulu/SiNdebele term meaning ‘the one who carries a
heavy load’. Mbalenhle is doing very well at school. She walks for miles to
get to school, and her attendance record is good. Her performance and
school results are very good.